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We envision the right SkillBridge Company for the right Servicemember – each time, every time.

Let’s Make SkillBridge Work For You

Ruddershift is a servicemember-first provider. We provide advisory services to deliver customized solutions that support small business SkillBridge participation. Our connections and expertise become an extension of your business so servicemembers understand and trust your program.

SkillBridge as a Service

As a DoD-authorized provider, we will host your SkillBridge program under our umbrella. This includes advertising your open positions, collaborating with your team to ingest candidates into your pipeline, personalized documentation, and all DoD required accountability, outcome tracking, and other reports. Additionally, all your participants get access to all of Ruddershift’s training resources, and we conduct regular check-ins with all of our participants.

Marketing Support

Ruddershift can optimize your company’s social media presence to attract servicemembers and veterans, working closely with your existing marketing team to augment your current strategy. We will also connect you with our military community networks and partners that work to help military veterans find meaningful employment.

DoD SkillBridge Provider Application

Looking to build your own independent program but not sure where to start? In collaboration with your team, we will prepare, submit, and track your application to become your own DoD-approved SkillBridge provider. This includes all required responses back to the DoD program office.

How We Work


We’ll meet for strategy discussions with your team to design your SkillBridge program by envisioning the servicemember’s journey from prospect to SkillBridge graduate based on your unique needs. We’ll make recommendations to help ensure your hiring practices are veteran-ready.


As a DoD-Authorized Provider, we will host your SkillBridge program under our umbrella. This includes:

  • Advertising your open positions to our servicemember community
  • Collaborating with your team to ingest candidates into your SkillBridge recruiting pipeline
  • All required service and DoD accountability and outcomes reporting
  • Access to Ruddershift training resources for SkillBridge participants.


Our team has years of experience navigating both the military and the industry side of SkillBridge. Our team made their own transition from the military and understand the challenges veterans face. We conduct regular check-ins with all SkillBridge participants, providing them with a plethora of resources and personal mentorship, ensuring their well-being so they can focus on supporting your company and their SkillBridge program.

We Are Here to Make Good Things Hppen

Our vision is a world with the right SkillBridge opportunity available to every one of the 200k+ servicemembers leaving the military each year.

Our Core Values

As a servicemembers first organization, we believe in prioritizing the needs and well-being of our nation’s heroes in our interactions, and in quality commitment to our employers. We operate with integrity to deliver high-quality SkillBridge internship programs that not only care for the servicemember, but that help the employer be more successful with a servicemember on their team.

Our Partners

These organizations share our core values and work together with us to ensure high-quality outcomes for our servicemembers and our client companies.

VetSec Logo

With a mission to create a world in which no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed, VetSec’s community-based approach and world-class training opportunities make them a natural community partner with Ruddershift.

We Are Your Trusted Partner

Ruddershift is a registered corporation in the state of Maryland. Our team is backed by years of experience navigating both the military and the industry sides of the DoD SkillBridge program. A rising tide lifts all ships – that’s what we enable. Work with us today!

Latest News

  • Below is the foreword to the report, “Preventing Suicide in the U.S. Military: Recommendations from the Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee.”  Here at Ruddershift, we believe that helping service members transition is just one such way we can help reduce veteran suicide. Too many veterans wind up underemployed following their transition from service, […]