WE’re On a mission…

Create meaningful skillBridge Opportunities for every servicemember

We know servicemembers have choices, and we also know that transitioning servicemembers just don’t know what they don’t know. You know? Many servicemembers just aren’t familiar with all of the different roles that exist in the multitude of industries across the nation, and can’t see how they might fit in.

We know it can be a struggle for businesses to connect with the right talent to fill critical roles – especially in areas with a tight or niche labor pool.

“Low risk, high reward talent sourcing via SkillBridge is not a charitable corporate endaevor – it is a business imperative.”

Matt Disher, Combat Engineer-turned Military and Veteran Program Leader, Cushman and Wakefield

Let Us Showcase Your Business to Our Nation’s Heroes

Let us help you showcase your business to military talent in a way that helps them envision a place for themselves with you – and gain early access to new talent that isn’t yet visible to your competitors searching the same pool.

Let us help you see how a combat engineer can become your new loan underwriter, or a parachute rigger can become your client relationship manager. Looking for digital forensics support in Amish country? Great, because there’s a cybersecurity professional leaving the Navy who wants to move back to her hometown.


Work With Us

Work with Ruddershift so you can access a completely new pool of experienced and exceptional talent, with tailored support, training, and development guidance from us, and the undeniable ROI of up to six months of an extended compensation-free onboarding period.

Ways to Work With Ruddershift

All Ruddershift experiences are backed by our knowledge of individual service approval requirements, connections and access to transitioning servicemembers, understanding of HR/labor/compliance matters, marketing and messaging optimization, and training and development resources.