Changing Course to a new Destination

In nautical terms, the command “shift your rudder” means to bring the rudder from left rudder to the same degrees of right rudder and vice versa, without changing the speed at which you’re moving forward.

The transition from military to civilian life can be seen in much the same way – still moving forward, but changing course to a new destination.

In this transition – a ruddershift – it is crucial that servicemembers have the support of trusted partners, mentors, and advocates to help navigate their journey.

Service Members First

Having walked in your shoes, we understand the struggle. We believe that a successful SkillBridge is one that fits you and affords you the ability to transition more than just your job – but your entire life.


We are passionate about showing our clients their return on investment, and in helping every veteran be successful in their post-military career.


We are determined to add value to the lives of the servicemembers we place, and to the clients we serve. Each SkillBridge is approached in design as if it were our very own, both in design and function.

DoD SkillBridge & Ruddershift

The DoD SkillBridge program allows companies to come alongside these servicemembers to provide guidance and mentorship while at the same time, gaining early access to an exceptional talent pool to augment their workforce.

Our team understands the importance of collaboration between industry partners, the Department of Defense, and the military services in maximizing the potential of the SkillBridge program.

We serve all companies, organizations, and industries – and are also well-versed in requirements for federal defense contractors looking for cleared talent.

We invite you to connect and explore ways you can get involved.

Creating Relevant and Meaningful SkillBridge Opportunities

At Ruddershift, our mission is to support businesses in creating relevant and meaningful SkillBridge opportunities.

Our vision is to be a trusted partner in the creation of career transition opportunities so veterans can return to their communities of choice where they can continue to make a positive impact after their military service.

Ruddershift is a woman/service-disabled, veteran owned small business. We are not a nonprofit organization (but we partner with some great ones). This is not a side hustle. We understand the cost of doing business and operate in the small business environment ourselves; we want you to know we have skin in the game too.

We won’t tell you our way is the right way or the only way. We will listen to your needs and provide our assessment based on best practices we’ve seen over the years doing business in the SkillBridge space. We strive to earn your business when we both see the synergy for what it is. We hope to be able to refer you to our trusted partners when we notice there might be a better fit there. We feel energized when your values align with ours and we work together toward our shared purpose for the greater good. We don’t forget that your bottom line is always on your mind. We endaevor to provide information of value whether you choose to work with us or not – and we are always thankful when you do.

Our Team

Meet the team!

Kristin Scott
Kristin ScottCEO & Founder
Originally from Long Beach, CA, Kristin is a former Navy language analyst with a leadership background in organizational development. She retired from active duty in 2018. Building on what she learned of the DoD SkillBridge program on active duty, she now focuses on helping companies craft meaningful training experiences focused on strong employment outcomes for servicemembers after hearing over and over again about companies who were interested, but stuck figuring out the execution.
Tom Marsland
Tom MarslandChief Operating Officer
Tom is a former Navy Nuke with a penchant for cybersecurity, operations, and helping veterans. He served over 22 years in the US Navy and was fortunate to utilize the DoD SkillBridge program in his own military transition. He has a lifelong passion for helping the military and veteran community and helping veterans find meaningful employment. He is originally from Washington State and settled back there following his own retirement from active duty.